Physical and Emotional Health

Supporting you and your child to have good physical and emotional health




(Physical Health and Emotional Wellbeing)

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PHEW! stands for Physical Health and Emotional Wellbeing. It is an organisation run by Dr Joy Harris, a Consultant Clinical Psychologist with 25 years’ experience of working with children and families in the NHS. Our aim is to support families with children with physical health difficulties, or emotional difficulties which are making them physically ill.

We meet on the first Wednesday of every month from 5-30-7pm at The Anthony Seddon Fund in Ashton-under-Lyne. Everyone is welcome. Please contact us at

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A range of community activity sessions, such as walking, running and cycling, to help you to increase your levels of physical activity and boost your mood.



Sports Classes & Clubs for Kids in Tameside

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Find and compare all Sports classes in Tameside for kids.



Oral Health


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Advice and links to dentists and emergency dental care.





Youth in Mind - Tameside Oldham and Glossop Mind

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Just as our bodies can become unwell, people’s minds can become emotionally unwell too and this may be more common than you think, with 3 children in every classroom experiencing a mental health problem at any given time. Youth in Mind offer support and advice.


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Welcome. 1 in 4 people have some sort of mental health problem at some time in their lives. You are not alone! This can include things like feeling stressed or worried, down or depressed, angry or overwhelmed.

The Talk Shop for Young People - The Anthony Seddon Fund

Struggling with your feelings? Feeling lonely? Sad? If you are aged 9-19 you can come along to our drop in, every Thursday 4-7pm. We have access to a drop-in counsellor, activities, arts/crafts or just pop in for a drink and a chat.



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The Hive is a safe space for children & young peoples to come and get involved in activities or access some help for issues or problems in their lives. Young people can also access The Hive if they want to get meet other young people from their local community.


We offer a good mood food café, different activities such as arts group, and you are able to drop-in to speak to someone if you are struggling with something in your life.


All of the activities are supervised by an adult to make sure they stay safe and fun places for children & young people to go to.


Please be aware if you are under 13 years old you will need parent or carer permission to come to The Hive.

A website created by young people for young people in Tameside.

Looking for some help around your mental health but not sure where to go? The You and Your Mind website is there to help you find support that best suits you.

Healthy Tameside

Tameside website has lots of information and support about a range of different aspects of Health and wellbeing.


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5 Ways To Wellbeing - Tameside

Find out more and your wellbeing score at

Make a change today with Change4Life! Discover sugar swaps, healthy recipes, nutritional advice, and top tips and activities to help your kids stay healthy.



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Staying healthy is an important part of growing up. And it can affect you physically and emotionally. Childline is here to support you if you're worried about your health.