Experience Charter




Experience Charter

At HKSJ we believe all children should be given the opportunities to experience all that 21st Century Britain has to offer. All children in their time with us will experience a range of practical activities that will enhance their social, moral, spiritual and cultural understanding.


Whole School Experiences

Lights, Camera, Action (Cinema)

Oh Yes It Is! (Pantomime)

Curtains Up! (Theatre)

Word Warriors (Poet)

Storytelling Stars (Author)

Picture Perfect (Artist)



From Plough to Plate (Farm)

Outdoor Feast (Picnic)


Year 1

More Tea! (Afternoon Tea)

Animal Encounters (Zoo)


Year 2

Seaside Explorers (Seaside)

Underwater Adventurers (Sealife Centre)


Year 3

Snowblasters (Winter Sports)


Year 4

Take a Hike (Hiking)


Year 5

Learning the ropes or tied up in knots! (Scouts Survival)

Water Riders (Boat/Canal Trip)


Year 6

Suited & booted/Dress to impress (Fine restaurant dining)

Amazing Aspirations (Experience jobs the world has to offer)

Awe & Wonder (Visit a Cathedral)