Poetry Week

26 February 2016

Next week we are having a whole school themed week on poetry.The children will be reading poems, analysing poems, writing their own poems and developing their skills for performing poems. The children will be performing a poem on Friday 4th March in a Poetry Showcase, which you are all invited to.

The children will be allowed to dress up on Friday 4th March in something related to the poem for their class. Please see below the list of poems for each class and ideas of what clothes they can wear.

Please note that the children will not be dressing up on Thursday, which is actually world book day.

Friday 4th March

Please come through the main office

Monday 7th March at 3pm


 Year 1, 2 & 3 performances: 2.30pm          

 Year 4, 5 & 6 performances: 2.50pm


 Reception – classroom doors will be open at 3pm for  you to watch in the classroom.



Year group


Dressing up

Friday 4th March


 Little Miss Muffet

 Any character from a book

 Year 1

 Four Jolly Pirates


 Year 2

 The Owl and the Pussy Cat

 Owl, cat, pig or turkey

 Year 3

 Ning Nang Nong

 Cat, monkey, teapot,

 Year 4


 Wizards, witches, plain black clothes, hats, cloaks

 Year 5

 The FA Cup under the sea

 Football kit, football shirt, shorts

 Year 6


 Highwayman, horse

http://www.thehighwaymanmovie.com/img/sword1886.jpg  http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_gryJuPkidR0/TTbkCiESHtI/AAAAAAAADzg/R_5Eyzp2fng/s1600/The+highwayman.gif


Book Swap

On Thursday we are asking children to bring a book in from home that they are willing to share with others. Children will be able to swap their books and take home one that they have swapped with their friends. 

I look forward to seeing you at the performances.  

Ashley Harrison

Deputy Headteacher