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Hurst Knoll St James'

CE Primary School

Inspiring Faith and Learning for Life


Statement of values and ethos

Ethos, Mission & Vision Statements


School Ethos and Values


At Hurst Knoll St James’ CE Primary School our values – Justice, Forgiveness, Hope and Trust – are at the centre of the school’s work. Our religious character shapes the way we work and has an impact on the school day and all future plans for the school. We work closely with our partner churches to foster community links and be an active part of the local area. As members of the Manchester Diocese we embrace the principles of the Church of England and celebrate these.


Hurst Knoll St. James’ serves the community by providing high quality education within the context of Christian belief and practice. We encourage an understanding of the meaning and significance of faith and promote Christian values through the experiences and ethos of the school.


As a school we help children to grow, develop, work collaboratively and be active participants in their own learning with the support and guidance of the Christian community. We want our children to have the skills and knowledge to make good life choices (spiritually, educationally and socially) so they can take full advantage of all the opportunities they are presented with and we provide all the help that they require to do this.


Christian Values


Our Christian values sit at the heart of all that we do:


Justice – We ensure that our children have what is right and fair for them to have life, health, freedom and dignity.


Forgiveness – Our children are given the understanding that forgiveness cannot be given or received unless it is asked for. We are all required to take what we have done wrong with the utmost seriousness.


Hope – Our children are not given wishful thinking but are taught that God can be relied upon.


Trust – Gives our children the very essence of faith; trust in the God who is trustworthy and the understanding that lies at the heart relationships.