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Weekly Awards

Weekly Awards


Our Celebration Assemblies take place each week and it's great to be able to share the work that the children have completed. The weekly winners will be posted here and we look forward to welcoming you into school again very soon. 

Weekly Awards - 22nd October 2021


At the end of each half term, we recognise the pupils who have demonstrated our 'PERFIC' values throughout the half term. 'PERFIC' stands for Positivity, Expectation, 7Rs (including Resilience, Resourcefulness and Reciprocity), Faith, Inspiration and Creativity. 


Year 1:

Positivity: Alfie for his lovely positive attitude within the classroom.

Expectation: Zarshah for always working to the best of her abilities.

7Rs: Olivia for always being consistent in her approach to her attitude and her learning.

Faith: Isla Mae for respecting everyone and showing trust in others.

Inspiration: Harley for always smiling, trying his best and never giving up.

Creativity: Cody for having wonderful ideas and showing creativity in all areas.



Year 2:

Positivity: Vihan for always smiling and supporting his peers. 

Expectation: Joe for always producing high quality work. 

7Rs: Charlie Hill for always being kind, for always working hard and for always challenging himself. 

Faith: Junaid for contributing well in lessons and showing enthusiasm in RE lessons. 

Inspiration: Laylah for trying her best, being helpful and always being kind to others. 

Creativity: Sienna for taking care and being precise in all she does and for always being creative. 



Year 3:

Positivity: Rafay for showing great support and care towards his peers when working.

Expectation: Alicja for always working to the best of her abilities. 

7Rs: Sophia for always showing resilience and responsibility. 

Faith: Elisse for showing respect for other cultures and diversity and for always being honest. 

Inspiration: Anmol for showing amazing improvement in his language work and for working so hard in all areas of his school work.

Creativity: Elliott for his amazing effort in Music and for showing everyone how creative he can be. 



Year 4:

Positivity: Ela-Mai for having a consistently positive attitude. 

Expectation: Fateh for having high expectations of himself in all areas of his learning. 

7Rs: Muhammed for showing resilience within all areas of his school life. 

Faith: Kalem for showing respect to others at all times. 

Inspiration: Theo for being an excellent role model to his peers. 

Creativity: Max for showing great creative thinking when sentence stacking. 



Year 5:

Positivity: Zach for always smiling and having a consistently positive attitude. 

Expectation:  Brandon for having an extremely positive attitude towards his learning.

7Rs: Iman for demonstrating the 7Rs consistently throughout the half term. 

Faith: Alysha for her great effort in RE lessons and for showing excellent understanding of the work.  

Inspiration:  Ella for linking her ideas across pieces of work and for being a role model to her peers. 

Creativity: Lewis for always being creative and for making a fantastic start to life in Year 5. 



Year 6:

Positivity: Gabe for always looking for positives and having high expectations of himself and others. 

Expectation: Abigail for maintaining high expectations in all aspects of her learning. 

7Rs: Leah for maintaining high expectations in all areas of her learning and for being a positive role model to her peers. 

Faith: Idrees for his thorough explanation of Islamic beliefs and those within other faiths. 

Inspiration: Bobby having amazing ideas to help develop and improve school and its grounds. 

Creativity: Lily for the amazing drawings she has completed in her own time and for the expression she always uses when reading.