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Weekly Awards

Weekly Awards


Our Celebration Assemblies take place each week and it's great to be able to share the work that the children have completed. The weekly winners will be posted here and we look forward to welcoming you into school again very soon. 

Weekly Awards - Friday 13th May 2022


At the end of each week, we celebrate the children's achievements in Reading, Writing and Maths and award the 'Pupil of the Week' certificate to the pupil in each class who has gained the most 'Track-it light' points each week. Our Values Award is awarded to the pupil who has demonstrated great character during the week through their behaviour. 


Year 1

Reading: Milly for her brilliant effort in Reading and for moving up a book band. 

Writing: Starla for her conscious effort to include finger spaces, full stops and capital letters in her work. 

Maths: Zarshah for the excellent understanding she has shown of volume and capacity this week. 

Values Award: Ibrahim for the good manners and respect he has shown to everyone this week. 

Pupil of the Week: Milly and Maja with 10 ‘Track-it light’ points.


Year 2

Reading: Zayne for using his inference skills well when discussing characters. 

Writing: Junaid for the great independence he has shown when editing and improving his writing.  

Maths: Aimee for reading word problems carefully and choosing the correct operation to use when solving them. 

Values Award: Charlie for being a great friend and helping a classmate all week. 

Pupil of the Week: Brendan with 71 ‘Track-it light’ points.


Year 3

Reading: Jimmy for engaging well during class discussions in reading. 

Writing: Jack for choosing vocabulary really well to help 'deepen the moment' in his work. 

Maths: Abubakr for showing a fantastic understanding of multiplication. 

Values Award: Mahrosh for being a wonderful role model to other pupils in the class. 

Pupil of the Week: Sophia with 40 ‘Track-it light’ points.


Year 4

Reading: Emili for working well with Miss Stevens when defining words. 

Writing: Chloe using strategies really well when editing and improving her work. 

Maths: Phoebe for showing a superb understanding of money. 

Values Award: Ela-Mai for showing great respect for all in school. 

Pupil of the Week: Taylor with 36 ‘Track-it light’ points.


Year 5

Reading: Ryley for his superb use of knowledge when writing a diary entry as a Pharaoh from Ancient Egypt. 

Writing: Sree for using his own ideas to develop descriptive sentences which were beautifully presented. 

Maths: Safi for achieving full narks in this week's arithmetic test. 

Values Award: Anthony and Brooklyn for being kind to all other pupils and to Olivia for showing great resilience and perseverance. 

Pupil of the Week: Isabella with 25 ‘Track-it light’ points.


Year 6

Reading: Katie for consistently being prepared and for showing great concentration in reading sessions.

Writing: Holly for overcoming challenges and completing tests well this week. 

Maths: Lily persisting with her arithmetic work and pushing herself at all times. 

Values Award: Idrees for showing great compassion and demonstrating to others how we should support our friends and classmates. 

Pupil of the Week: Idrees with 50 ‘Track-it light’ points.