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Weekly Awards

Weekly Awards


Our Celebration Assemblies take place each week and it's lovely to be able to share the work that the children have completed with you and the school community. Weekly, we give awards to children in each class who have performed well with their Reading, Writing and Maths. The Values Award goes to the child who has demonstrated our school values through their behaviour and the 'Pupil of the Week' award goes to the child in each class who has collected the most Dojo Points,


At the end of each half term we have our 'PERFIC' Assembly which focuses on the children's work over the course of the half term. 'PERFIC' stands for Positivity, Expectation, 7Rs (Reflectiveness, Respect, Reasoning, Reciprocity, Resourcefulness, Resilience and Responsibility), Faith, Inspiration and Creativity.


Our winners will be posted here at the end of each week. 


Weekly Awards - Friday 26th January 2024


Year 1:

Reading: Patryk for always bringing his book in and for trying really hard when reading, especially in Phonics. 

Writing: Isabella for trying hard in Phonics lessons but for also using her sounds and 'Fred fingers' in her afternoon work. 

Maths: Grayson for his fantastic Maths work when comparing and ordering numbers to 20.

Values: Leon for showing resilience by always trying his best and never giving up. 

Pupil of the Week: Zafeer with 28 Dojo Points. 


Year 2

Reading: Elyse for working extremely hard with her reading. Every day you are becoming more confident and it is lovely to see. 

Writing: Ashar for the huge improvement seen in his handwriting and presentation. You have tried so hard and should be proud of your efforts. 

Maths: Lola for her fantastic work throughout the class unit on money. You have shown great confidence and have used different notes and coins really well. 

Values: Kornelia for always showing everybody in Y2 how to be a good friend and for getting along with everybody. 

Pupil of the Week: Theo with 34 Dojo Points. 


Year 3

Reading: Corey-Joe for reading aloud in class with increased confidence.

Writing: Isla-Mae for using vocabulary fantastically well in sentence stacking lessons. 

Maths: Theo for the improved engagement he has shown in class, especially when working with a partner, and for the high standard of his work. 

Values: Ibrahim for always being aware of himself and for thinking about the welfare of others at the same time. 

Pupil of the Week: Olivia with 14 Dojo Points. 


Year 4

Reading: Kian for using his knowledge of current words to help when defining new ones. 

Writing: Zayne for writing some fantastic sentences when using Clicker.

Maths: Minnie-Leah for working well on multiplication and division in her Maths group.

Values: Obed for always being kind and a great friend to those around him. 

Pupil of the Week: Joe with 16 Dojo Points.


Year 5

Reading: Grand for summarising the class text and for sharing his knowledge superbly. 

Writing: Ohene for creating detailed and imaginative sentences in spelling lessons. 

Maths: Nico for working well independently and for for applying your knowledge really well in lessons on fractions. 

Values: Harrison for trusting your own capabilities and for persevering with your work even when you have found it difficult. 

Pupil of the Week: Bartosz with 16 Dojo Points. 


Year 6

Reading: Abimael and Max for your fantastic expression of your understanding of the class text in a timed comprehension exercise. 

Writing: Ela-Mai for persevering with your independent spelling work, it is really making a difference. 

Maths: Grace and Jackson for the fantastic improvement shown in their weekly arithmetic scores. 

Values: Shekinah for showing kindness in the way that you speak to others - the adults in your class have heard you! 

Jackson for having pride in himself through the huge improvement seen in the quality of your work. 

Pupil of the Week: Archie with 35 Dojo Points.