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Weekly Awards

Weekly Awards


Our Celebration Assemblies take place each week and it's lovely to be able to share the work that the children have completed with you and the school community. Weekly, we give awards to children in each class who have performed well with their Reading, Writing and Maths. The Values Award goes to the child who has demonstrated our school values through their behaviour and the 'Pupil of the Week' award goes to the child in each class who has collected the most Dojo Points,


At the end of each half term we have our 'PERFIC' Assembly which focuses on the children's work over the course of the half term. 'PERFIC' stands for Positivity, Expectation, 7Rs (Reflectiveness, Respect, Reasoning, Reciprocity, Resourcefulness, Resilience and Responsibility), Faith, Inspiration and Creativity.


Our winners will be posted here at the end of each week. 


Weekly Awards - Friday 17th May 2024


Year 1

Reading: Bobby for never giving up and for trying really hard, especially with longer words and set 3 sounds. 

Writing: Grayson for always trying his best when writing. 

Maths: Wiktoria for her brilliant work when finding halves and quarters. 

Values: Minnie for being a positive force of energy in Year 1 and for being a kind friend to others.

Pupil of the Week: Ali with 20 Dojo points. 


Year 2

Reading: Kai for his amazing work around the class poetry text, 'The Spider and the Fly.' 

Writing: Cleo for working hard to make sure that her writing is as good as it can be in all lessons. 

Maths: Darcey-Mae for the fantastic progress she has shown when recalling her times tables facts.

Values: Alexa for always showing kindness to everyone she meets. 

Pupil of the Week: Alexa with 17 Dojo points. 


Year 3

Reading: Sorrell for having great ideas for what to do with a 'magic finger' like in the class story. 

Writing: Sienna for persevering with her writing and for sharing great ideas. 

Maths: Szymon for trying hard when measuring and for helping others with their work. 

Values: Wiktor for always speaking with great respect and kindness. 

Pupil of the Week: Corey-Joe with 20 Dojo points. 


Year 4

Reading: Lottie-Mae for showing increasing confidence when reading aloud in class. 

Writing: Antoni for trying really hard to get the correct rhyming words when writing poetry. 

Maths: Amdallah for using her previous knowledge of decimals to help with work on money. 

Values: Olivier for always showing respect and kindness. 

Pupil of the Week: Charlie, Eddie and Lily-Mae with 16 Dojo points. 


Year 5

Reading: Elisse for sharing her love of reading with others and for always having a book by her side. 

Writing: James for the enthusiasm he has shown when trying to find the murderer in the new class text, 'High Rise Mystery.' 

Maths: Oliver for the great attitude he has shown when learning about angles and area especially for not giving up when things have got tricky.

Values: Jenson, Amy and Amy-Leigh for being great helpers to Ms. Wiles and for showing the value of teamwork by always offering to help others. 

Pupil of the Week: Maria with 7 Dojo points. 


Year 6

Reading: Harper and Emily for showing their love of reading by always having a book by their side and being prepared to talk about what they have read. 

Writing: Ela-Mai and Archie for working really well to use dialogue to advance the action in their writing. 

Maths: Abimael for the fantastic result he achieved on his practice arithmetic test. 

Values: Harley for laughing at himself instead of being hard on himself - it's lovely to see! 

Pupil of the Week: Taylor with 14 Dojo points.